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Lucky [userpic]
by Lucky (kit_god)
at April 1st, 2007 (11:07 am)

current location: couch potato
current mood: I have to pee
current song: (whining XP)Talkin on the phone

I'm so happy that we have this nifty nifty community!

So I shall introdouche myself.

I go by Kit most of the time, I sometimes go by KT, and lately have taken to Lucky.

I am a role player, and a writer at times. I'm not so great with the iconing or the image things and such though. I love to take long naked walks on the beach and make new friends.

Let's hear more about all of yous guys now!

Oh and if anyone wants to make me a color bar and a couple of icons I shall squee and love you all over my journal!